Artist interview #2
Amy Lyhie


Q: Who are you? Where are you from? And where are you going?

A: I’m a French musician singer-songwriter and I started playing the guitar at 15 and singing at 21. Then I discovered music production and fell in love with it. I’m currently doing a 1 year course in an audio school to improve my skills in order to produce other artists. And I’d love to write for others and collaborate with musician from differents background!

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Q: What brought you to music production? Why are you loving it?

A: I’m not very talkative and it’s always been easier for me to use music to express myself. As a teenager, when I started playing guitar, I started writing and composing songs because I needed an outlet, and it helped me a lot. 

I also discovered the feeling you get when you create something from scratch, it’s like magic, and it feels so good… and I’m definitely addicted to it!

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Q: For how long have you been producing? And what are the main pieces of your setup? 

A: For about 5 years now. My first attempts weren’t really good, but I worked on it to develop my craft and sound. It has only been a couple of years that I’m more happy with what I’m doing.

A: My acoustic guitar, a microphone (SM58 for now,  but I plan on buying a Slate ML2), an iMac, audio interface Scarlett 2i2, a DI box (passive) and depending of what I’m doing, ProTools (for recording audio), Ableton Live or Logic Pro X (for beat making and creation)

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Q: How do you see (and go through) the technical sides of production and especially the Mixdown stage?

A:  I’m still struggling with the technical aspect, so I’m working with a tech that takes care of this side for me. But I want to get better at it because I think that it’s  an important part of the creative process, so I’m working on it as much as I can. 

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Q: What’s your latest release? And do you have any upcoming projects?

A: In June (2020), I officially released an album of 20 tracks, in a pop folk guitar vibe, called The Sunshine LP. It’s my first album and I discovered music production through it. 

Aside, I’m currently working on a second album, which is going to be pretty different from the first one. With the experience that I have now, I experiment with different things and I have paid more attention to the recording and arranging parts. I’m really excited to share it next year!

Lowel Music Production

Q: Anything else you would like to share, maybe for people beginning music production out there?

A: Be gentle with yourself, don’t compare too much to others, and BE PATIENT ! Take the time it takes to find your own sound, polish your arrangements, ask for feedbacks and prepare your releases.

But the most important thing is : DON’T GIVE UP! You’re gonna make mistakes and fail, but it’s ok, this is how you get better. 

Q: To finish with some music, what’s your favorite track those days ? 

 A: that’s a tough question ^^ I don’t think I have one in particular these days, but if I had to chose it will probably be a Tash Sultana song. That girl is so amazing… 

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