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For each new referee purchasing our services or products, you’ll progress towards a new reward. Discover some of the rewards you can get below!

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Whether they’re new to Smart DSP, or returning members who have not had account activity for the past two years, each referral helps you progress towards epic rewards!

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Fair Trade

Your referees will obtain 25% off on their 3 first orders (with a total up to 1000$CDN) and an additional free product once those 3 first orders are completed.


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Terms & Conditions of the Referral Program:
As a referred member, you’ll receive a code via email that can be used 3 times, for 25% off your order’s total. The code will be valid for a period of 365 days starting from the referral date. The code will be applicable on any order up to 1000$CDN total.

Once you’ve placed 3 orders and those are completed, you’ll be also rewarded with a free copy of Smart Racks, the full version of our Ableton Live 11 Suite preset pack.

Once your first order completed, your refferer will obtain the new reward on his or her individual 10-rewards path.

Smart DSP reserves the right to update and modify those terms and conditions in the future.

Any member of the referral program will be notified via email if those terms and conditions are modified.

Finally members of the referral program are still falling under our global Terms of Service, you’ve agreed too upon creating your Smart DSP account.


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