Sublimer (Free) – Max for Live device

Made with ❤️, Sublimer allows you to make almost any signal sound slightly bigger, fuller, larger and more present.

Sublimer (Free)

Sublime any sound with Sublimer Free!

Sublimer uses multiple cleverly-managed processes in order to sublime any source it’s put on. The new and upgraded version now also features subtle parelle soft-clipping overdrive as well as a Effect Amount slider allowing you to find the sweet-spot everytime.


How to use Sublimer Free?

Simply load the device on any track and use the Effect Amount slider on top!


What does the Sublimer do to my sound?

Sublimer features a carefully-dosed blend of stereo widening (Spread), multiband compression alongside with unproportional subtle gain adjustments per band (Smile Lift), and parallel soft-clipping overdrive allowing to increase the presence, punch and openess of any source thanks to psychoacoustics and physics.


Requirements & Compatibility Notes:

To fully enjoy this device, you need at least Ableton Live Suite 10.x.

No third party plugins required.

If you have any questions you would like to ask before purchasing or any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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