HB2 Presets Pack (for Ableton Live 10 Suite)


H-BANK002 Presets Pack made by Evan Hays includes :

  • 67 Audio Samples (HQ & Royalties free) including 40 Kicks and 27 polyvalent drums,
  • Over 120 original presets (Drumracks, Effects, Effects/Instruments Racks…),
  • Production Template v3.1 (Optimized routing & layout for a faster and more productive workflow),
  • 3 Demo Live Sets made with <3 by Lowel, MoSom & Evan Hays.Note that this Presets Pack is made for Ableton Live 10 Suite users.


Smart DSP is proud to present H-BANK002 Presets Pack brought to you by Evan Hays our Lead Technician who have well received released references. He is also the founder and artistic director of the indie Techno label TDF Records .

This Presets Pack is the full “Live 10 Optimized” content of the HB002 Sample Pack.
It includes :

67 one shot samples in high quality (.wav 24bit 44100Hz), with 40 fat kicks and 27 drums (HiHats, Snares & Claps).

Ableton Live 10 (Suite) Optimized content with over 120 original presets between Audio Effects, Effects Racks, Instruments Racks, Drumracks…
(includes basic mastering chain presets)

As well as :

– the “Production Template v3.1” (Made to be your default live set, it offers a premade routing with clean layout and some usefull presets already placed that may help a lot in getting a better sound from the beginning, such as cutting low frequencies on Busses and such. )
3 demos Live Sets made with <3 by Lowel, Evan Hays and MoSom who also included a few presets in bonus !

Note : To enjoy the most of this pack, you need Ableton Live 10 Suite.  However no third party plugins are required.

If you have any questions you would like to ask before purchasing or any suggestions, feel free to contact directly Evan .

Video Demo To Be Announced


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