Bus Processor – Max for Live device

From subtle processing on the master to heavy coloring of a single element, via surgical dynamic and/or tonal shaping, Bus Processor V2 is an incredibly versatile tool that will bring you some creativity from its carefully thought-out design.

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Bus Processor

This new and updated version of Bus Processor offers a flavorful Compressor/Limiter alongside with a versatile 4-band parametric EQ (which can be displayed or not to save screen space).

Read the description below for more information on why and when to use the Bus Processor and technical details.


Why and when to use the Bus Processor V2 ?


  • Subtle Dynamics and/or Tonal Adjustements on Busses

Initially created for use on Busses (groups of multiple instruments) to have a flavorful and versatile tool able to control both the dynamics and tonality of the source in subtle ways, either to tame or spice-up a little different elements.

  • On the mixbus/master channel

Dialed in carefully it's also a great tool on the mixbus/master, especially with the addition of the Dry/Wet control. The EQ is transparent and surgical while the Compressor and Limiter can be both very subtle or aggresive when needed.

  • More creatively on single elements

Be it to make something punchier, fatter, louder, clean up, boost some frequencies musically or else, without visual bias, Bus Processor V2 remains a really versatile tool that will behave benefically in most contexts.


Main Features:

  • Fixed Treshold Compressor
    Manage your compression amount by playing with Comp In/Out gains (inspired by the famous 1176 compressor)
  • Peak Limiter (Smooth/Punchy)
    Punchy response yields extremely short attack and release times, useful for transparent limiting, or to create loudness. However, if over-used, intermodulation distortion may result. Smooth response uses longer attack and release times. The result is still a fast look-ahead limiter, but with less intermodulation distortion and less punch.
  • 4-Band Parametric EQ
    Lows, LoMids, HiMids, Highs bands with -14/+14dB of gain possible and all bands can be set anywhere between 20 to 20kHz. You can also change the EQ curve for each band following your needs and disable/enable them individually to hear the changes without changing your settings.
  • Output Gain - to compensate Gain Reduction if needed (-70/+30dB).
  • Global Dry/Wet - added for even more versatily


Advanced Features:

  • Dual Band Mode
    In dual band, a crossover filter around 200hz splits the audio into two bands, which are compressed separately. This can reduce bass pumping and other artifacts of wide-band compression.


  • Sidechain Filter
    Enables or disables an attenuation filter in the upper midrange that makes the compressor less sensitive to vocal signals, and generally produces a more gentle response. This filter is only applied internally, to the control signal. Note that it may cause more output overshoots, where the signal output level exceeds 0dB.


Requirements & Compatibility Notes:

To fully enjoy this device, you need at least Ableton Live Suite 10.x.

No third party plugins required.


If you have any questions you would like to ask before purchasing or any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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