Smart DSP present : ” ÐQ ” Quality Label

While old studios and some veteran techs with classic commercial schemes are facing difficult times for most, and that the trend is to home studios.
We are losing audio quality because of loudness war, people working on uncalibrated and not full range monitoring systems, with sometimes really low quality tools inducing several issues. As well as the lack of education due to the simplification of some process and use of inacurate automated services / tools.

In order to encourage artists & technicians going towards modern industry standards while preserving the essence of music. And “Standing for Quality Audio” being our credo, we have decided, after many months of researchs and experiences, to share our own Quality Label :

SDSP Quality Approved ( Ð )

What makes a track ÐQ Compliant ?

1- A Dynamics respectful master, using carefully choosen & well mastered high end processor with optimization following release format, platform(s)…

2- A modern loudness standards compliant master :
-13 LUfs Integrated (+/-3LUfs) with -1dB True Peaks ceiling.

3- A Hi-Rez export to uncompressed format :
24-bit | 44.1k, 48k, 96k Hz


Linear phase & high oversampling processing are recommended !

Tonal balance and stereo field aren’t evaluated, however anything extreme will impact dynamics & loudness !

They are already releasing in compliance with ÐQ, what about you?

Non-exhaustive list of Artists and records labels with ÐQ compliant masters:

Get your next release to the quality standards