Mastering (1 Track)


This service is Mastering for one track including :

    • High quality customized processing of a stereo track,
    • MetaData insertion,
    • Delivery under multiples formats following the order requierements.

Available Options : 

    • Streaming optimisation
      (Youtube, Spotify, Itunes…)
    • Stems Mastering (Up to 8 Stems)
    • Extra Revisions
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We won’t master your track only in a technical way, of course, the first step will be to bring it to a perfect tonal balance as weel as a competititve but dynamic respectfull level…

But after that, the difference is made by the vibe, the emotions coming out of your track.

We’ll personnaly be involved in the quality of your master, not just a matter of selling a service and we can certify you that we’ll do our best to bring the requiered collor to your sound if that’s what you need while preserving the essence of your performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions !


Demo 1 | Demo 2 | References

4 reviews for Mastering (1 Track)

  1. Reconproject

    Amazing! Takes time out to feel out the vibe and create accordingly while keeping the artist’s intended delivery intact. Down to earth and willing to make any changes and revisions! I recommend!

  2. Alec Minello

    This guy knows his stuff! Was really kind and flexible. Made my song sound completely to the standards I was looking to get it to. Highly recommend him!

  3. Marcusknight792

    Great. Very timely and professional. He takes care to consult to ensure services are reflective of what you want.

  4. Salihkunduz

    One big reason to love this place is because it lets you meet great sellers that are friendly and enjoy what they are doing. It was such a great experience. Top class work delivered within an hour. I’m just amazed and I would rate 10 stars if I could.

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