Mastering (1 Track)

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Mastering (1 Track) service includes :

    • (Optionnal) Critical feedback on your mixdown,
    • High quality customized processing of a stereo file,
    • Metadatas insertion,
    • Multiformats delivery on demand.

Available Options : 

    • [FREE] Accurate streaming optimisation (Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes, Tidal, Deezer…)
    • [+30€] Stems Mastering (Up to 8 Stems)
    • [+10€] Extra Revision (1 revision is already included by default !)

You may purchase the Options now or after you ordered following your needs. 



What is Mastering ? 
How to export your track(s) for mastering ?

We won’t master your track only in a technical way, of course, the first step will be to bring it to a perfect tonal balance as weel as a competititve but dynamic respectfull level…

But after that, the difference is made by the vibe, the emotions coming out of your track.

We’ll personnaly be involved in the quality of your master, not just a matter of selling a service and we can certify you that we’ll do our best to bring the requiered collor to your sound if that’s what you need while preserving the essence of your performance.

Keep in mind that mastering isn’t normally a place to fix issues, this is why we offer a free critical feedback from objective and trained ears which may help with some final tweaks before sending over the file(s) for mastering !

Usual Turnaround : 1/2 days (since reception of the file(s) and all required information)

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions either on the tools we are using and why we choosed them, on our philosophy about mastering or just on the order process… We’ll usually reply within a few minutes/hours.

About our lead technician Elliott S.

2 reviews for Mastering (1 Track)

  1. Beat Blender (verified owner)

    I had a mastering from DSP and i have to tell you that this guy knows what he does. The analysis of my mixdown was really to the point, i changed what he suggested and it my mixdown was really a REAL mixdown.
    The mastering itself was also sublime, of course every body has his own wish but the change of the track was done also if he made the track himself.
    I’m a big fan. Keep up the good work Evan.

  2. Guilou (verified owner)

    Great quality. Great communication and feedback.

    They give a professional touch to your track while still taking into account all your wishes and demands.

    I recommand !

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