Smart DSP presents: ÐQ – Quality Label

Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP

While old studios and some veteran techs with classic commercial schemes are facing difficult times for most, and that the trend is to home studios.

And because of the Loudness War, people working on uncalibrated and not full range monitoring systems, with sometimes really low quality tools inducing several issues; the use of inaccurate automated services / tools and so on; quality in music is compromised if not already lost on most records.
In order to encourage artists & technicians going towards modern industry standards while preserving the essence of music. We have decided, after many months of researchs and testing, to launch our own Quality Label: SDSP Quality Approved [ÐQ]

This Quality Label may be used and displayed by anyone as long as the labelled audio material is compliant to the ÐQ chart.

Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP

1- A Dynamics respectful master, using carefully choosen & well mastered high end processor with optimization following release format, platform(s)…

2- A modern loudness standards compliant master :

-13 LUfs Integrated (+/-3LUfs) with -1dB True Peaks ceiling.

3- A Hi-Rez export to uncompressed format :
24-bit | 44.1k, 48k, 96k Hz

Note: ÐQ chart does not take into consideration other aspects than the loudness & dynamics. It is not a way to say if music is good or not, just that the loudness statistic are set in a way that should help to avoid unwanted issue and/or bad translation in the digital realm.

Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP

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