Dj Set Mastering

Due to the pandemic impact, in support to all of you Dj’s out there, we are happy to provide a 50% off discount of this service until further notice.

State-of-the-art processing to ensure your Dj set will stand out and translate properly on the different platforms and monitors.


What is Mastering ? 
How to export your track(s) for mastering ?

State-of-the-art processing to ensure your Dj set will stand out and translate properly on the different platforms and monitors.

While you record your mix, most of the time in live conditions, you may discover afterwards that the recording isn’t optimal, that it has clicks/pops or is clipping, that there is too much volume variation along the set...

This is why we offer to use of carefully selected and well mastered high quality mastering processors to optimize your Dj Sets.

This service may imply the following processing steps for your audio file depending on its needs : 

  • Transparent Up/Down Sampling,
  • De-Clip / De-Click / De-Plosive / De-Noise,
  • Volume adjustment,
  • Tonal & Dynamic balance adjustment,
  • Panoramic adjustment, 
  • Dynamics restoration, 
  • Perceived Loudness enhancements, 
  • Transparent limiting & dithering,
  • Metadata encoding, 
  • Codec conversion.

Your audio will then be fully optimized for digital distribution.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions either on the tools we are using and why we choosed them, on our philosophy about mastering or just on the order process... We'll usually reply within a few minutes/hours.

About our lead technician Elliott S.


WAV @ 96kHz | 24-bit Masters

Compliant Masters



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Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP

Useful information

Why Master?

A proper master for your project doesn’t only mean an optimal quality in prevision of the various contexts of diffusion, but also ensures to sublime the vibe of your project. In addition, it’s a safe-guard against any issue that might have slipped until here.


High Quality Processing

At Smart DSP, we have high quality standards and are invested in quality work. We only use best-in-class and well-mastered high-end tools. And finally, we run multiple quality controls all throughout the process.

100% Customized for your project

No presets or templates modifying the sound are used. Everything is fully customized for each project, taking into account YOUR artistic direction.


Feedbacks & Tips

With each project, we usually provide initial feedback as well as valuable insights after the mastering including tips that might prove helpful for your future projects. We love to collaborate with skilled artist and develop long-term relationships.