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Elliott Sebag provides mastering services optimized for Techno, House and other types of electronic music.

Make sure your release will stand out, in clubs as online!

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Make the right choice for your music!

Do not waste all the time and effort you invested into your project. Mastering is the final step before your creation gets heard by the public.
You need someone you can trust to handle it, and rest assured that Elliott will be as invested in your project as in his.

Over the past years, he has mixed or mastered hundreds of tracks for various artists while making sure to deliver the best quality processing possible to ensure optimal masters.

For each project, his aim is to sublime your creation while preserving the energy and emotion of the original performance.


Quality Processing

Classic stereo mastering or stems mastering for your single, EP or Album using carefully selected and well mastered high quality tools.
ÐQ Compliant masters.


Feedback & Tips

Besides getting your track to the industry standards (if that’s what you want) you’ll also end up with some critical & detailed feedback along precious tips to improve the eventual major issues in your project(s).

100% Customized for your project.

All the processing is made manually without the use of automated process. No templates, presets are used. He chooses and sets tools based on how your music sounds and feels.

Smart DSP Audio Mastering


Need to master a track?

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  3. You’ll receive your payment confirmation & invoice directly.
    You’ll also receive the manual confirmation email from Elliott with all the needed information to begin working together within 24h max.
    Usually within a few minutes/hours only.

If you have some concerns about paying upfront, We invite you to either contact us or any of the artists he has worked for.

Hear the difference!

Switch Track

How to use the module above:
Use the Play/Pause button to start and stop the playback and the Before & After buttons to monitor the different versions. Finally the Switch Track dropdown menu lets you switch example tracks to listen to different styles of music I’ve mastered.

Please note that the files are gain matched based on Short Term loudness for a more accurate comparison that let’s you hear what the mastering process did aside from loudness changes compared to the original mix.

Finally, those are 320kbps MP3 files for a reasonnable network consumption, if you are on a stable and fast network, consider checking the same interface with WAV examples here.


You have a different project or want a custom quote for X, Y reason?
Just click below and we’ll get back to you within 48h max.
Usually within a few hours only.

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Audio Services Reviews


Top quality content at a great price. Elliott is very reactive and takes some of his time to give you clear and detailled explanations on his work as well as feedback on your track. Go for it !


Elliott has serious knowledge, a great passion for the sound, a well trained ear and is really professional. His turn around times are tight, and prices real affordable. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their musical pieces to the industry standards.

Amy Lyhie

Great, skilled, engineer who knows exactly what he is doing. I highly recommend his services!


High Res. Processing
Accurate Optimization

Audio Quality label for material compliant to the ÐQ Chart.
Dynamics respectful master made with high-end signal processors and release format(s) optimization.

Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP


Dangerous BAX EQ

Dangerous BAX EQ

For its smooth, accurate and musical sounding Low/High frequency cut filters as well as Infrasonic rumble reduction.  Eliminating it dramatically increases low end clarity and punch while allowing higher maximum levels on any playback device.

Vertigo VSC-2

Vertigo VSC-2

For its tightness and precision over all, it brings a really great glue feeling without destroying anything and may help to manage the low-end better following the sidechain settings and the material.

Chandler Limited Curve Bender

Chandler Lmtd. Curve Bender

For its subtle yet so musical sounding curves. I will use this unit in M/S mode to refine some frequencies areas to sublime the track when required.


Vertigo VSM-3

Vertigo VSM-3

May be enabled for different purposes since this unit is particularly versatile… Just one of the best saturation tools existing in the world in my opinion.

Useful information

Why Master?

A proper master for your project doesn’t only mean an optimal quality in prevision of the various contexts of diffusion, but also ensures to sublime the vibe of your project. In addition, it’s a safe-guard against any issue that might have slipped until here.

In addition, it’s easy to lose objectivity after hours of producing and even mixing the same project. Having someone you can trust with good critical listening skills and the right monitoring system can be a valuable asset in terms of productivity as well as a guarantee of consistent high technical quality.

Finally, the fact of being able to take the time to communicate in a human way makes it possible to develop a long-term collaboration and to support the development of the sound signature of certain artists.


High Quality Processing

At Smart DSP, we have high quality standards and are invested in quality work. We only use best-in-class and well-mastered high-end tools. And finally, we run multiple quality controls all throughout the process.

100% Customized for your project

No presets or templates modifying the sound are used. Everything is fully customized for each project, taking into account YOUR artistic direction.


Feedbacks & Tips

With each project, we usually provide initial feedback as well as valuable insights after the mastering including tips that might prove helpful for your future projects. We love to collaborate with skilled artist and develop long-term relationships.


Available 7/7

You want some feedback on your project, you have any questions be it about the platform or our mastering services specialized for electronic music (mostly Techno, House, Tech-House but not only).
Don’t wait any longer, hit us up!