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Smart DSP offers multiple options to promote high quality audio in the world!

There is a steady and growing need for audio post-production services given the omnipresence of music and sound in everyday life.

Ideal solutions for various artists and institutions with our services and products.


Our services range from Audio restoration and Editing to Mixdown or Mastering whether for music or else.

We offer to connect you directly with highly invested in quality work audio engineering experts and to order via our platform to ensure payment safety, quality of the delivery, fast & easy follow up / files transfers and more.

Our order process guarantees a high quality delivery anytime.


As virtual products we offer mostly Ableton Live Suite Presets, Max for live devices and templates at this time, along with Sample Packs.
All products are carefully developed and selected based on multiple, very strict criteria to provide you with efficient, reliable and satisfying tools. 

How to order a product?

Ideal solutions for various musicians, audio engineering experts, sound designers and more via our partnership program.


Are-you developing plugins, audio software, presets for specific plugins or DAWs, Samples Packs or similar audio-related virtual product?

We’ll be thrilled to discover your work!
And we might even offer you to distribute it via our platform.

Contact-us to learn more about the various conditions and benefits.


Are-you providing professional audio services? 
Be it music lessons, music production, sound design, vocal tuning, podcast/audio books editing, mixing or else.

You might be able to have your services listed on along with a customized landing page for you and your services. 
We bring MANY benefits to the table while offering the lowest commission rates on the market. 

Contact-us to learn more about the various conditions and benefits and get the answer to any question your might have.


Smart DSP is also a community gathering audio professionals & artists to share their knowledge and experiences together as well as access & regroup interesting resources, nice documentation (articles, videos, tutorials…) and more.

The community takes place on our discord server, where you’ll find different channels for all audio-related topics.
You can join it now since it’s free and doesn’t need any requirements, only your good mood and a smile.