In the first place, Smart DSP is a community gathering audio professionals & artists from multiple domains (recording/composing, mixing, mastering, post-production…) to share their knowledge and experiences together as well as access & regroup interesting resources, nice documentation (articles, videos, tutorials…).

The community takes place on our discord server, where you’ll find different channels for all audio-related topics.
You can join it now since it’s free and doesn’t need any requirements, only your good mood and a smile.

In a second place, Smart DSP also offers multiple options to both artists/technician sides.

For Artists:
– Purchase high quality & affordable audio services (mix/mastering, editions) with fast turnaround and direct communication with Technician in charge;
– Download some free products such as Templates, presets or small Sample Packs,
– Purchase some products such as Samples Packs, Audio Software devices (plugins .amdx packs…),
– Submit your eventual Sample Packs or other audio products for being distribued/sold via SmartDSP’s marketplace.

For Technicians:
– Join the internal team as a mixdown, mastering and/or audio repair technician,
– Meet some new artists to work with, develop your competences and get paid,
– Sell your audio software devices, products or suggest a new service that you could offer via Smart DSP’s marketplace.

All the services & products related stuff is/will be available on our Marketplace site:
How does it work ?

We are hiring ! If you may be interested to take part in Smart DSP Project check out this page.