In the first place, Smart DSP is a community gathering audio professionals & artists from multiple domains (recording/composing, mixing, mastering, post-production…) to share their knowledge and experiences together as well as access & regroup interesting resources, nice documentation (articles, videos, tutorials…).

The community takes place on our discord server, where you’ll find different channels for all audio-related topics.
You can join it now since it’s free and doesn’t need any requirements, only your good mood and a smile.

In a second place, Smart DSP also offers multiple options to both artists/technician sides.

There is a steady and growing need for audio post-production services given the omnipresence of music and sound in everyday life.

While old studios with classic commercial schemes are facing difficult times for most, and that the trend is to home studios. We are losing audio quality because of people mixing on headphones, cheap monitors in untreated rooms… And using automated services / tools such as Landr, Emastered, Assistant functions in iZotope processors etc…

We come up with an ideal solution for various artists and institutions !

We offer to connect you with a technician specialized for your needs and to order via our platform to ensure payment safety, quality of the delivery, fast & easy follow up / files transfers and more.

Our order process guarantee a high quality delivery anytime. Affiliated technicians are carefully selected based on their behaviour, background, credits, setup, appreciations from previous collaborators… Regular quality checks are also performed on affiliated technicians work.

In parallel, we aim to be as transparent and respectful as possible with you.
If you haven’t when creating your account, please browse the terms of service to know all the conditions that applies as soon as you create an account or order on Smart DSP.


For Artists:
– Purchase high quality & affordable audio services (mix/mastering, editions) with fast turnaround and direct communication with Technician in charge;
– Download some free products such as Templates, presets or small Sample Packs,
– Purchase some products such as Samples Packs, Audio Software devices (plugins .amdx packs…),
– Submit your eventual Sample Packs or other audio products for being distribued/sold via SmartDSP’s marketplace.

For Technicians:
– Join the internal team as a mixdown, mastering and/or audio repair technician,
– Meet some new artists to work with, develop your competences and get paid,
– Sell your audio software devices, products or suggest a new service that you could offer via Smart DSP’s marketplace.

All the services & products related stuff is/will be available on our Marketplace site:

How does it work ?