audio services – How does it work?

High Quality – Human – Mastering!

NO Automated Service
We care about the vibe & emotion in your music

NO Fixed Template/Preset
Fully customized processing for each project.

NO Shortcut / NO Compromise
We use carefully selected and well mastered quality tools & take the needed time to sublime each project.


  •  All file transfers from us are handled with care & attention.
    Deliveries via an encrypted cloud platform, separated from the backup platform.
    Your processed files are deleted from this encrypted cloud 10 days after order is marked as completed (unless you ask for a longer access).
  • We archive all of our work for eventual callbacks, backup restorations when needed for you (unless requested otherwise).

For example with a track mastering we will store the received mixdown, all DAW session files as well as the printed master(s).
If you do not want us to keep the files after order is completed, just notify us when you place your order, be aware that there won’t be any way for us to restore the files if you choose so.

For security concerns we can only tell you that your files are backed up safely because:

  • Fully separated systems from our main drives/servers,
  • Encrypted storage & Encrypted transfers,
  • Redundant storage,
  • Strong security measures implemented.

Order Process


Select Desired Service

Make sure that you select the right options.



For your first time, we recommend the classic add to cart then checkout method as it allows you to create your account at the same time.
If you are already logged in you may use the Paypal button directly on service page for fast checkout.


Order Receipt & Order Ticket Creation

Upon completing your order, you’ll directly receive an email with the links to transfer your files and required information.
Shortly after we’ll also reach out to you humanly to confirm everything.

You can follow-up your order progress via our support center or via the main email thread, both are always in-sync.

Order Processing

After sending all needed files & information and discussing directly with your audio engineering expert.
He will process your project and deliver the results.
You can then approve or request some revision if required.
With any service, 2 revisions/track are included by default.

Final Approval

The order is marked as completed only when you clearly state that you consider it as well completed.

Make sure your next release will stand out!