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Here are the different steps when ordering audio services via Smart DSP:

1- Login to your account or register,

2- Add to cart the desired service(s) making sure you selected the proper options,

3- Checkout. Once payment is approved, you’ll receive your receipt directly as well as a confirmation email/ticket within the following 24h max. Usually within a few minutes!

4- You can then communicate with our lead technician about your project following this same email/ticket.

5- Once completed, the order is delivered in the same ticket for approval.

6- Once fully satisfied you will have to attest that the order is considered as well completed for the order to be marked as completed in our system.

– All file transfers from us are handled with care & attention. We use exclusively a separated encrypted cloud storage platform. Your processed files are deleted from this encrypted cloud 10 days after order is marked as completed (unless you ask for a longer access).

– We archive all of our work for eventual callbacks, backup restorations when needed for you.
For example with a track mastering we will store the received mixdown, all DAW session files as well as the printed master(s).
If you do not want us to keep the files after order is completed, just notify us when you place your order, be aware that there won’t be any way for us to restore the files if you choose so.

For security concerns we can only tell you that your files are backed up safely because:
– Fully separated system from our main drives/servers,
– Encrypted storage & Encrypted transfers,
– Strong security measures implemented,
– System has been stress-tested for different attacks types.


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