Audio Repair


Audio file edition service intending to repair, correct and/or enhance an audio file. It will be adapted following your file’s needs and may include the following options listed in the description below. For projects with more than 3 hours lenght, please request a custom quote using our dedicated form.


Available Options that may be applied to your file when purchasing this audio file edition service :

[Izotope RX 9 Advanced]
Ambience Match, Breath Control, De-bleed, De-click, De-clip, De-crackle, De-ess, De-hum, De-plosive, De-reverb, De-rustle, De-Wind, Dialogue Isolate, Dialogue Contour, Dialogue De-Reverb, Interpolate, Loudness Control, Mouth De-click, Guitar De-noise, Spectral Recovery, Wow & Flutter, Music Rebalance, Spectral De-Noise, Spectral Repair, Voice De-Noise, Resampling, Azimuth adjustments…

[Celemony Melodyne]
Pitch & Timing Correction

[Audio File Edition]
– Tonal Balance,
– Dynamic & Loudness adjustments,
– Metadata encoding,
– Multi formats delivery available, upon request.


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