All Inclusive (1 Track)

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This service includes all mixdown & mastering steps for 1 track.


How to export your tracks for Mixdown?

This All Inclusive package offers full cutomized & high quality mixdown and mastering for 1 Track.

Meet a qualified audio technician for your project, discuss the details and your exceptations directly with him through our secured platform.
Once totally agreed, provide him the needed files as he can get working on it and deliver your work when completed.

Our technicians have many years of experience behind them as well as a consequent amount of audio related knowledges that allows them, along standard industry tools ( classic emulations, surgical/transparent tools or even RX 9 Advanced / Celemony Melodyne for repair or pitch correction) to offer you highest processing quality they can.

Note that we are warrant of the technician’s work, he does not receive the funds right away but only when the order is marked by both sides as completed.

  • Individual tracks edition and cleaning,
  • Volumes, pans and frequencies balances,
  • Individual dynamic and tonal processing,
  • Group dynamic and tonal processing,
  • Delivery under high quality formats including mastering headroom,
  • 2 Revisions included in mixdown,
  • High quality customized processing of a stereo track,
  • Metadata encoding,
  • Multiformats delivery, upon request,
  • 1 Revision included in mastering.
  • Notes:
    – a revision can be a variation of a mix as well as a correction,
    – For bigger projects, report to All Inclusive (EP) or to customized offer by requesting a custom quote.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions either on the tools we are using and why we choosed them, on our philosophy about mastering or just on the order process… We’ll usually reply within a few minutes/hours.

About our lead technician Elliott S.

1 review for All Inclusive (1 Track)

  1. amarro (verified owner)

    I purchased two times the services of Evan Hays / smartDSP and to sum everything up: He does a really good job!
    He gave me tips how to improve in the Mixdown-Stage which helped me quite a lot also for future tracks (I’m a Techno-Guy) but most importantly: His mixdown and mastering is on point and you can clearly tell by the results that this dude knows what he‘s doing. He takes his time to get your track on a new sound-quality level. Fast delivery included with great service.
    The pricing is also good, i guess. I haven‘t searched for similar services in the internet cause i trust this guy.

    Best wishes,
    Max aka. Amarro

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