Audio Restauration & Forensics

Dedicated solutions for audio analysis, restauration and investigation using best-in-class tools and techniques.

Ð Quality - Audio Quality Label by Smart DSP

Smart DSP presents Audio Forensics & Restauration services

What do we offer?


Confirm Recording Authencity


Verifying whether a recording has been tempered with or not might be vital information. Thanks to accurate and complex processes, we are able to garantee whether a recording might have been tempered with or not.

Clean and Restore Audio

In most contexts we are able to restore human speech lost in noises, clean up unwanted noises, clicks, pops (even in a musical context), attenuate if not solve problematic distortion due to clipping, restore some dynamics and more based on your file’s needs.


Quality Control & Standards Compliance

Be it for a simple quality control to get a full report on an audio file, making sure that it complies to specific standards or even converting to different formats and/or editing metadata. We have affordable options for you.

Audio restauration by Smart DSP

Noisy or distorted recording? We can help!

Be it to restore old recordings, clean unwanted noises (clicks, wind, hum/buzz, mouth-noises) or brighten and make some speech more intelligible we can most likely help. Submit your file for a first assessment and find out if it can be restored. 

Audio Restoration Before After

Audio file edition service intending to repair, correct and/or enhance an audio file. 

It will be adapted following your file’s need and may include the following options listed right here. 

Using RX 9 Advanced | Celemony Melodyne | Other High-End Tools

Ambience match, Breath control, De-bleed, De-click, De-clip, De-crackle, De-ess, De-hum, De-plosive, De-reverb, De-rustle, De-wind, Dialogue isolate, Dialogue contour, Dialogue De-reverb, Interpolate, Loudness control, Mouth De-click, Guitar De-noise, Spectra recovery, Wow & Flutter adjustments, Music rebalance, Spectral De-noise, Voice De-noise, Spectral repair, Resampling, Azimuth & Phase adjustments, Pitch & Timing correction, Tonal balance, Dynamics balance, Metadata encoding, Multi format delivery available upon request.


Audio forensics by Smart DSP

For audio forensics, we provide a detailed report including:

Source file information, Processing log, File analysis & investigation, Additional technical details and Conclusions.

We use strong and verified security and confidentiality standards

Enabling us for collaboration with high condifentiality public and private agencies.

Data Center & Applications used Certifications:

ISO/IEC 27001 | ISO/IEC 27701 | ISO/IEC 27017 | ISO/IEC 27018 | ISO 9001 | ISO/IEC 20000 | SOC 2 | SOC 1 (SSAE 18 & ISAE 3402 Type 2) | SOC 2 + HIPAA | CSA STAR | PCI | GDPR | CCPA | TRUSTe | CSA

How does it work?

Because we are on the fair-business side and that it is not always possible to achieve full restoration, we always start with an assessment and eventually just starting with a sample processing. In this way, you are not committed financially right away, but rather only once we are sure that we’ll meet your expectations.

Starting Options

Free Quick Analysis

Not confident? Not ready to pay such price yet?

If you are not confident and not ready to pay such price at this point, we totally understand you. 
That’s why we are glad to offer you a Quick Analysis for free and asend you back our first deductions along with our opinion about the restauration and/or investigation potential on your file.

Contact us to claim your Free Quick Analysis, we’ll send you a secure upload link upon request.