Mastering (Album)


This service is Mastering for 10 to 15 tracks including :

    • High quality customized processing of a stereo track,
    • MetaData insertion,
    • Delivery under multiples formats following the order requierements.

Available Options : 

    • Streaming optimisation
      (Youtube, Spotify, Itunes…)
    • Stems Mastering (Up to 8 Stems)
    • Extra Revisions
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We won’t master your Album only in a technical way, of course, the first step will be to bring it to a perfect tonal balance as weel as a competititve but dynamic respectfull level…

But after that, the difference is made by the vibe, the emotions coming out of your tracks.

We’ll personnaly be involved in the quality of your masters, not just a matter of selling a service and we can certify you that we’ll do our best to bring the requiered collor to your sound if that’s what you need while preserving the essence of your performance.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions !


Evan Hays :

Demo 1 | Demo 2 | References


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