In order to ensure the best results we highly recommend following the requierements below :

 1 – Your Mixdown shouldn’t be too loud or clipping,

Export it with some headroom (-6/-8dB Peaks is appropriate) , lower is better. 

We have the required tools to properly raise up your track where it needs to be, in a transparent way, no matter how much is needed.


Note : 

– Please do not compress/squash your mix,
– Leave your master fader at 0dBfs,
– Your mixdown is too loud ? For small adjustments (0.5 to 3dB) you can lower your buss (= Groups) Outputs while if you are far too loud you may have interest into modifying your volume balance/gain staging (be careful since it might change the input volumes in your effects, implying to reset some of them).


2 – Export Settings :

  • Your native project sample rate (usually 44.1kHz or 48 kHz),
  • Project bit depth (usually 24-Bit / 32-Bit float or 16bit),
  • If your project is in 24-Bit / 32-Bit float, export in 32-Bit float.
  • Normalisation & Dither both DISABLED
  • .wav or .aif (uncompressed format)

    Note : For Stems Mastering, export your groups (Kick, Drums, Bass, Melo, Voxs, Sfxs, FXs returns) with the same settings. (Up to 8 stems max.)


Export your track with a few seconds of silence after it, keep at least 3 secondes of dead silence at the end, we’ll adjust it if needed. 

3 – Make sure you are truly happy on both creative and technical sides of your mixdown.
Mastering isn’t a place to fix major issues, you can ask your technician for feedback on your track before he processes it which may allow you to make last-minute changes if you feel so.
What is mastering ?


4 – Should you keep or remove Mixbus/Master effects ?
Keep : 
Anything that serves the sound design / overall color of the track,


Remove :
Eventual limiters / compressors added for monitoring or pre-mastering purpose,
Anything that doesn’t make clearly a difference in the good way when enabled.


If you are hesitant about something, send us the version with the effect as reference for what you wanted to do/add !


 5 –  You’ll receive a form to provide the metadata information
 You can also provide that information directly in your order follow-up email / ticket if you prefer. 

This information will allow us to tag Metadatas direclty into the master file(s). 


6 – Send your track(s) to your audio technician

We’ll provide you with a link to access a secure ftp where you can upload/download the files. 


If needed (prior to order) You can use WeTransfer (up to 2Go) or (up to 15gb with free account, encrypted transfer) for file transfers.



With both platforms you will be able to send a download link in your order’s related email/ticket.


Note : A private web application for orders follow-up & file transfers is currently in development. We hope to release it within the upcoming months.


If you have any questions, feel free to open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.