You think you could help? Or that you could work with us to provide one of the services above? Or even that you might have a nice idea to add to the project?
Don’t wait a minute more and send a message to tell us what you could do help Smart DSP evolving!

We are mainly looking for:

– Audio technicians (Mixdown, Mastering, Audio Repair):
– Must have references
        – Must own legal licenses for used daw(s) and plugins

        – Must be 18+
– Must be able to work over distance, upload/download large size files
        – Must have a working mic & webcam

– Client Support: 

        – Must be available online at least 4h/day (meaning being able to response if you get a notification)

        – Must have high-speed internet connection

        – Must have a working mic & webcam
        – Must have knowledge of basic audio processing & industry standards

        – Must be highly motivated, social and respectful
        – Must be 18+

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Any questions? Please let us know via discord or by contacting us.