Sennheiser Ambeo orbit


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Features :

  • In depth  binaural panning options
  • Room reflections management


Ambeo orbit is a Free binaural pannel plugin brought by Sennheiser.
It allows to effiectively position additional mono or stereo sources into the 3D sound field, avoiding the unwanted coloration.
Clarity control allows you to choose how much of the binaural coloration to apply.

Ambeo orbit also offers the possibility to manage binaural room reflections in order to improve the spatial accuracy in comparison to a reverb plugin.

Available in all common formats (VST2/3 – AAX- AU) it’s a pretty nice tool to have around in many different situations.

The plugin comes along a .pdf on binaural mixing which we highly recommend to read.

Get it for free now via Sennheiser’s website !


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