Production Template (Live10)


Main Features :

  • Clean Layout & Routing for fast & easy workflow & export,
  • Global structure for Creation and Mixdown ready,
  • Original Audio & Midi Clips presets.
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Download Free Ableton Live 10 Creation and Mixdown template created & shared with love by Evan Hays.

News :

*Layout/Routing optimised,
*Audio Effects added on specific tracks,
* Over 10 new original presets,
* 6 basics midi clips,
* No more instruments presets neither as integrated samples.

Note : the whole template description as well as the new effects racks introductions are only available in french at the moment. Reach them here.

Template Structure :
The master channel receive signals for those groups :

  • Group KICK(S) – 2 empty Tracks Midi/Audio.
  • Group¬† BASS – 2 empty Tracks Midi/Audio.
  • Group MELO – 4 empty Tracks Midi/Audio.
  • Group SFXs – 2 empty Tracks Midi/Audio.
  • Group OTHER – 2 empty Tracks Midi/Audio.
  • 4 FX Returns – FX return A-Reverb, B-Delay,C-Aux-C (empty),D-Aux-D (empty)Discover other services & products that you might like !


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