We have the pleasure to share with you the freebies created by Evan Hays.

Samples Packs

H-FATKICKS (Kicks Samples & Rack preset for Ableton)

H-FatKicks is a standalone module from H-BANK002 Presets Pack for Ableton Live 10 Suite, allowing you to enjoy over 50 high quality & royalties free Kicks samples.

Along the .wav samples, The optimized “H_KicksRack.adg” preset is also included, as Ableton users can enjoy the ease & speed of use as well as access to even more options allowing to shape the kicks to your exact needs/taste.

Audio demos available on the download page.

H-BANK002 Samples Pack (legacy)

H-BANK002 is my latest samples pack released with more diverse & refine sounds.
It includes over 120 original & royalties free samples made with love!

38 SFXs | 25 Hihats | 40 Kicks | 15 Snares | 10 Percs

Audio demos available on the download page.

H-BANK001 Samples Pack (legacy)

H-BANK001 is the first samples pack i’ve released.
It includes : 67 royalties free samples including Kicks, Drums hits, FXs and Ambiences.

Audio demos available on the download page.

Presets Pack

H_Rack (FREE)

H-Racks (version gratuite) est un pack de presets principalement orienté vers le mixage et le (pré)mastering qui comprend :

  • Racks channel strips (Moderne & Vintage),
  • Rack de conception sonore expérimentale,
  • Racks de pré-mastering rapide et de mastering simple,
  • Rack d'effets Slapback Delay.

+User manual with detailed racks descriptions & tips for optimal use.

  • Remarque : Ce pack de presets est conçu pour les utilisateurs d'Ableton Live Suite 10.1.x.

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