Reviews from customers who worked with :
Elliott Sebag (Evan Hays), Lead Technician & Founder @Smart DSP
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Amarro – All Inclusive 1 Track

I purchased two times the services of Evan Hays / SmartDSP and to sum everything up: He does a really good job!
He gave me tips how to improve in the Mixdown-Stage which helped me quite a lot also for future tracks (I’m a Techno-Guy) but most importantly: His mixdown and mastering is on point and you can clearly tell by the results that this dude knows what he‘s doing. He takes his time to get your track on a new sound-quality level. Fast delivery included with great service.
The pricing is also good, i guess. I haven‘t searched for similar services in the internet cause i trust this guy.
Best wishes,
Max aka. Amarro

Darwin Starr – Mastering Album

I have used a few studios on Airgigs to master music. Most of the artists here do good, often great work. Evan is beyond good, he is a rare artist who will take your work to the next level. He is not expensive, and that is a shame, I would have paid him $1000 for the work he did and in the future I will make sure to pay him more. What can I say, I love this guy, he knows what he is doing.
– This review was for a custom proposal

Alec Minello – Mastering 1 Track

This guy knows his stuff! Was really kind and flexible. Made my song sound completely to the standards I was looking to get it to. Highly recommend him!

Beat Blender – Mastering 1 Track

I had a mastering from DSP and i have to tell you that this guy knows what he does. The analysis of my mixdown was really to the point, i changed what he suggested and it my mixdown was really a REAL mixdown.
The mastering itself was also sublime, of course every body has his own wish but the change of the track was done also if he made the track himself.
I’m a big fan. Keep up the good work Evan.

Salihkunduz Mastering 1 Track

One big reason to love this place is because it lets you meet great sellers that are friendly and enjoy what they are doing. It was such a great experience. Top class work delivered within an hour. I’m just amazed and I would rate 10 stars if I could.

Ottoman Grüw- Mixdown 1 Track

Perfect! very professional and helpful, nice customer service and quality of the audio mixing. I recommend!

Reconproject – Mixdown 1 Track

Amazing as always, improvises your wants wants with suggestions and ideas!

Arl_afterrealm – Mixdown 1 Track (for Animated Cinemati)

Seller was very helpful and knowledgeable. He was also quick with the delivery.

Marcus Knight – Edition & Mixdown (Podcast)

Great. Very timely and professional. He takes care to consult to ensure services are reflective of what you want.

Dan John – Audio Repair

I honestly can’t say enough about this experience. Evan was extremely communicative, skilled, and went above and beyond to help. I was in a bind with some bad video audio, and he responded quickly, fixed the issue, and then went on to fix other issues that I wasn’t even worried about, delivering a great product and saving me hours and hours of work.

TheFafe Audio Repair/Restoration

Performed almost magic to a audio file that was basically a lost cause. This was truly an awesome experience!

Tekknowgerl Audio Repair/Restoration

I am totally satisfied with the service I received. Would recommend!!

Cbake76 – Audio Repair/Restoration

Thank you, Evan! I gave you a very tough task in cleaning up some very dirty audio, but you did a great job of making it listenable.

Sadepilot – Audio Repair/Restoration

Great work fast delivery

Taylor_32 – Audio Repair/Restoration

BEST SERVICE EVER!! I’m completely satisfied with what I got from this seller!! They are completely knowledgeable and can help you out fast. I highly recommend using this service!

Richard19871970 Audio Repair/Restoration

Great job very fast delivery

Stephenellismus Audio Repair/Restoration

Extremely responsive and good job done